Tell me it gets better…

Tell me this empty feeling goes away.

Tell me the tears, the agony and the heart break fade.

Tell me my heart will slow down enough for me to breathe properly.

Tell me I will be able to eat properly again.

Tell me I will be able to pick myself and dust myself off before tomorrow so I can go into work and I don’t lose my job for having too much time off.

Tell me people will stop telling me “if it’s meant to be it will be” and “one day you will have a baby” and “no doctor has officially told you you’re infertile and can’t have children”.

Tell me one day this huge house will be filled with the tears and laughter of a child we created out of love.

Tell me one day this pain will end and I will be happy again.

Tell me it gets better…

please tell me it gets better…

4 thoughts on “Tell me it gets better…”

  1. It gets better. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It will get better. Now please go have a nice glass of wine and don’t worry about whether you should or not, and do something, anything, that you enjoy. Big hugs to you. X

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  2. It does get better, but the pain is always there beneath the surface. You learn to live with it. You are more empathetic, kinder, because of it. You will never forget but you will be able to carry on. X

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  3. Thinking of you! When my husband and I began to realize where my endometriosis was taking us and the extent of our infertility, we actually took a special grief class. It was really helpful. My grief was so intense, but I’ve survived and you will too, scarred but stronger than before. I also sought out a counselor who specialized in infertility. She was the only counselor I found who understood. That helped me too. And, for me, faith and prayer have helped carry me through. I know that’s not for everyone, but it helps me. Sending you tons of support!

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