Post Op Day 5

Not a very inventive title, but still, I am here and I lived to tell the tale!

step right direction

A lot of the anxiety and awful, horrible, soul-crushing feelings I had appear to have drifted away during my anaesthetised state on Thursday evening.

I am sore.

Incredibly sore.

I cannot bear to look at myself in the mirror as my stomach and torso (once my favourite part of my body) is reminiscent of something Dr Frankenstein patched together in his laboratory.

However, I am here. I am okay. I am well on my journey into becoming a mummy now.

My gynaecologist is literally the greatest woman alive!

Honestly, I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me. She has given me hope again. I feel like I have my life back.

Yes, it’s early days. Yes, there’s no guarantee I will be totally pain free.

But I’ve made a HUGE step in the right direction.

So, my op lasted 2 hours longer than expected.

They found, to quote my doctor, “A LOT of endometriosis.”

She removed it all.

Hence more incisions than originally planned.

She also had, again, to quote, “A really good look” at my ovaries.

Guess what?

No cysts.

None at all.

do not have polycystic ovaries!!

Goodness only knows why my GP diagnosed me with that condition. I was angry immediately after receiving the diagnosis from my doctor after surgery because I’d just been left by my GP to live with a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries and the impending doom of probably never conceiving. But now I’m okay. My GP is a GP, not a gynaecologist. I got the help and expertise I needed and I’m en route to recovery now.

So there’s a 30% chance my endometriosis will come back.

But that’s okay. I will deal with that if and when it happens.

The main thing is, I have been told, by an expert in the field, I shouldn’t have any problems conceiving.

I feel great.

I feel hopeful.

I feel like I have a whole exciting future ahead of me all of a sudden.

Things are good.

Well, asides from the franken-belly and the fact that I currently cannot stand up or walk.

Things are good.



3 thoughts on “Post Op Day 5”

  1. I’m so glad they took good care of you and you’re well on the road to healing. Also SO glad your ovaries are in good shape!! That is really fortunate. Hoping for a quick recovery!


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